Circus workshops

Run away with the circus!

If you’ve been walking the tightrope of indecision, trying to guess what best to do for your next team-building or corporate event, then look no further – it’s time to join the circus!

Specifically designed for your team building event, BennyO’s Circus Workshops will put your team members or corporate guests centre-stage as they learn how to juggle, spin plates, hula-hoop, diabolo and use devil sticks.

Unlike most team-bonding events, the circus training really gets everyone out of their seats and involved during the entire session.

Let you inner child out, show off your new skill and rise above your own beliefs. Every one can have the chance to be a star and even perform the skills they learn.

If there’s one thing that teaches a team to collectively deal with obstacles, it’s attempting to juggle!

School Workshops

Education, Performance, Fun!

The kids will feel like school’s out for summer when they get the chance to learn amazing circus tricks and performance at BennyO’s circus school. It’s not all fun and games though. Each workshop is age-specific and caters for children from kindergarten right through to high school. We’ll put students through their paces with a 2-hour workshop which includes a history of circus and culminates in a live show. Students will learn how to juggle, spin plates, hula-hoop, diabolo and more. BennyO is happy to create unique sessions that caters to your school program.

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Circus Workshop Packages

With BennyO, it’s not just about turning up, performing a generic show and disappearing in a puff of smoke. Far from it! All performances can cater to specific groups and contain bespoke elements selected by you. Like a potion, his events are mixed with many magical ingredients. You choose what goes in and he’ll always guarantee spell-bounding outcome.

Circus Workshop Packages
2 hour workshop for schools or corporate team bonding activities
Up to 20 persons 1 trainer
21- 30 persons 2 trainers
31- 40 person 3 trainers
41+ 4 trainers as well as extra set up

Add a Show
Workshop followed by a corporate magic show.
Workshop followed by a family friendly magic show.
Workshop followed by appropriate, circus themed school show.