Parties & Roving

It’ll take your (and his) breath away!

BennyO’s balloon creations are certainly are a sight to behold. Offering impressive quick creations as well as finely crafted pieces completed in under fifteen minutes, BennyO will mezmorize your kids, party guests or corporate attendees with his intricate balloon artistry.


Take Centre Stage

Whether you want to pop the boredom at a business event or impress the kids and their parents at the next birthday party, BennyO’s unbelievable centrepiece balloon creations will undoubtably blow you away.
From eye-catching archways to sensational centrepieces, just like the balloons themselves, you certainly won’t be let down. He can even create elaborate balloon costumes that will make you stand out in any crowed.
Plus, if you’re hosting a trade show booth anytime soon, why not have BennyO help sell your product and attract attention with elaborate hats or displays.

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Balloon Artist Packages

With BennyO, it’s not just about turning up, performing a generic show and disappearing in a puff of smoke. Far from it! All performances can cater to specific groups and contain bespoke elements selected by you. Like a potion, his events are mixed with many magical ingredients. You choose what goes in and he’ll always guarantee spell-bounding outcome.

Balloon artist suitable for all parties and events. Hand crafted sculptures created in an entertaining way. Quality sculptures typically take 3- 5 minutes each to make. Great sculptures can take up to 15 minutes to build.

Bold sculptures to draw attention for your event. Archways, large Either stand alone or packaged with a roving balloon artist or a magic show.

Trade show booth.
Sell you product with customized magic effects or balloons.

Add a show
Family magic show followed by balloons.
Balloons followed by an Adult magic show.
Balloons followed by a Corporate magic show.